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 Karazhan cleared in our first week of raiding

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Karazhan cleared in our first week of raiding Empty
PostSubject: Re: Karazhan cleared in our first week of raiding   Karazhan cleared in our first week of raiding EmptySat Dec 15, 2007 4:24 am

Yep not only did we clear Kara on our first guild raid we all had a good time doing it . Very Happy `EVERYONE` came along geared up with the food buffs , pots they needed and the right frame of mind . All classes did there jobs with out having to be moaned at and we could all relax without the worry of other ppl screwing things up .

What i found very interesting was that on most of the boss loot not many ppl needed it and Fel found himself saying ` Knowone wants this ? ` or ` Id rather someone had this rather than de it . ` This is a great sign meening that on the whole our gear is ready for better things and I cant wait to see what happens in ZA .

Another great sign was that when we were waiting around for various reasons ppl would use that time to go for a pee , have a fag or get a drink . No Afk probs at all as far as I remember , Oh and Cort`s tanks were a great Hit , tons of fun those [quote] [Felmet ]: ` Just dont use those bloody things when I`m trying to talk , how can u listen when there pew pew bang splat going on ` lol!

Other silly moments :- Me laging out on last night and running into a marked up room and dying in seconds forcing everyone to react quickly lol!
Scorpy falling off the stairs to his death lol!
Me running out side to help summon and getting lost lol!
Those mini tank fights of Cort`s woot great fun lol!
Felmet trying to sing lol!
Cort trying to find his book to complete quest ( Didnt find it btw ) lol!
Even Jeff our guild mascot ( Chicken that sits on Lurkins chair ) said hello ` BOOOOOOK` lol!

Good stuff thx for a great start and onto the next .... drunken
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Karazhan cleared in our first week of raiding
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