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 Zuky - Combat specced rogue - ACCEPTED

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PostSubject: Zuky - Combat specced rogue - ACCEPTED   Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:34 pm

- WoW Name: Zuky
- Race: Nelf
- Class: Rogue
- Spec: Combat (10 / 41 / 10)
- Level: 70
- Flying Mount: Yes (60% speed)


- Trade Skill 1 (and level): Enchanting (296 atm)
- Trade Skill 2 (and level): Mining (93 atm)
- 375 First Aid (yes/no): Yes

Current Equipment (please link armory page)

WoW History

- Started playing (month, year): 12/2005
- Time played (/played): 37d 14h 55min (on my rogue, got warr and druid too)
- Previous guilds & reasons for leaving each: I have been in 3 great guilds on my old server (Laughing Skull) but i left the server cus it was dying out. After a break which last 3 months or so, i moved all my chars to Arathor and was invited to join Chevaliers du Ciel, Seeds of Glory, The Imperium, and i even made my own guild named Casual Killers. I left the guilds cus they didnt really do any instances, but when they finally did, it was the same ppl in the raids over and over again. I disbanded Casual Killers cus i was hairstrings from deleting my acc cus of personal RL issues, but here i am, ready to raid and have fun with new friends!

Raid availability

Please indicate the days and times you can raid

- Monday: 17:00-01:00
- Tuesday: 17:00-01:00
- Wednesday: 17:00-01:00
- Thursday: 17:00-01:00
- Friday: Depends
- Saturday: Depends
- Sunday: Depends


- Karazhan Key (Y/N): Y
- Tempest Keep Heroic Key (Y/N): Y
- Coilfang Reservoir Heroic Key (Y/N): Y
- Hellfire Citadel Heroic Key (Y/N): Y
I also have Herioc Key for Caverns of Time, if you wanted to know.

Required Add-ons

Do you have these installed and up to date? Please note these are mandatory for guild membership.

- CT_Raid OR oRA2 (say which): Y
- KTM OR Omen (say which): Omen
- Teamspeak RC2 (TS) (Y/N): Y
- Guild Event Manager (GEM) (Y/N): Y

About You

- Why do you want to join Distant Drums?: I have a mate who has a son in ur guild (he's rogue, dont remember his name) and ive heard from him that this guild should be filled with nice and kind ppl, active raiding souls, humour, respect and skills. I just want to settle down in a guild who cares for other ppl, and want to play the game as it is.

- What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I've been playing Warrior, Druid and Rogue since December 2005, so i would say that i have some kind of experience. I'm 18 years old, so i'm both grown up, but still flexible about many things. I have been in many great guilds on 2 diff servers, so therefore i know stuff about stuff.

I hope u will read my application and think about it before throwing me away. Btw, the reason my gear aint better, is that the guilds i've been in havent really been PvE'ing, and i dont like to enter Pug's without a single guildmember (that is probably just me being special, but thats the way it is). I'm willing to change the gear, but that requires that i can go to Heroics and Raids instead of getting choked in PvP.

Regards Zuky
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Drum Kit
Drum Kit

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PostSubject: Re: Zuky - Combat specced rogue - ACCEPTED   Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:00 pm

Hi Zuky

Thanks for your interest in DD our Class Leader Lurkin will get back to you soon
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Bass Drum
Bass Drum

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PostSubject: Re: Zuky - Combat specced rogue - ACCEPTED   Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:03 pm

Hello m8 Thx for applying ,
Gotta say yer gear aint great but like you say if your willing to put the time in Kara and Gruul for tier 4 to gear yourself up then I`ll give you a trial . Now is a great time to join DD as Kara,Gruul is farmed really and you should gear up quite quick , thats the good news Laughing
Twisted Evil Bad news is You wont be going to Tk/ZA/SSC with the gear you have at the moment , if you can prove to me your keen to gear up and join our 25 man raiding in one month , Well then the fun really begins affraid

If all the above sounds good to you , I need a reply to this thread asap and going by what u have to say We`ll go from there .

Lurkin ( Best hair on the server ) afro geek afro geek afro geek afro
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PostSubject: Re: Zuky - Combat specced rogue - ACCEPTED   

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Zuky - Combat specced rogue - ACCEPTED
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