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 Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED

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Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED Empty
PostSubject: Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED   Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED EmptyMon Dec 17, 2007 7:06 am

Character Info

- WoW Name: Klappevanger (Dutch for punching bag!)
- Race: Night Elf (love the night hate the morning!)
- Class: Warrior (Bah they call it a warrior but from my POV a warrior is something that kicks ass in melee and not something that is only there to get his kicked non stop)
- Talents (i.e. 44/0/17 affliction spec): My dog ate the tree! Besides you all know I have no talent!
- Level: 70 (but in my heart still level 11)
- Flying Mount (yes/no): No.. I got a copter instead!


- Trade Skill 1 (and level): Engineering 371 (Fumbling around with pipes and wires... and yet still haven't blown myself up!)
- Trade Skill 2 (and level): Mining 375 (it's all MINE!!!!)
- 375 First Aid (yes/no): Yes (but I think it should be called Last aid...)
- Fishing?: 336 (Oh yeah baby lemmie slack in the troll ruins angling instead of tanking FTW!)
- Cooking?: 373 (Heyt what can I say.. I'm always hungry)

Current Equipment (please link armory page) (duh with that example any Dummy can just delete your name and type his own character name... so how I managed only god knows!)


WoW History

- Started playing (month, year): At start of wow's release
- Time played (/played): 189 days 4 hours 13 minutes
- Previous guilds & reasons for leaving each: Predator Clan guild founded by me my 2 brothers and some old Battle.net friends my brothers later on moved on to horde side and guild kind off disbanded, Selfpreservation society (member of The Arathor Coalition (TAC) raiding allience with several guilds) Half moved server rest moved to other raiding guilds some quit playing.. guild disbanded.., The ascension (gathering of the better raiders of TAC for better progress and more fun) fell apart cause of members being invited into the bigger raiding guilds.., The imperium .. wasn't raiding at the time and couldn't get them to start so I moved on.., Steel Phoenix fully cleared MC/BWL but had trouble getting started in AQ 40.. half the members left to play vanguard the rest unable to raid alot slowly bled to death leading to a disband of the guild. , The Dark Brotherhood (TBC had just came out..) I was 5th in gild to reach 70.. other tanks never followed so for the good first 2 months of raiding I was MT in kara... , Old MT and OT finally got their level and I wasn't needed that much anymore since we could't do 2 runs at once.. yet!... didn't raid for a few months.. didn't play much at all those days either... 4th month I came back and tanked alot again... had some good fun till my girlfriend joined a Gruul raid.. we had 24 sign-ups managed to get a 25th.. we killed high king maulgar.. than they kicked my girlfriend who had signed up to replace her by a mage who would be better dps.. I than stopped raiding with TDB completely only for a few exceptions where I was bored and they begged me to come tank since they couldn't fill their raid.. Hang in there for many friends I had and helped them out where I could but in the end had to leave.. even if it was just to make my girlfriend happy which is my #1 priority! , Joined Selfpreservationsociety (my old guild revived kinda with lots of old friends) Distant Drums (Cortie asked me to help out the guild with raiding I joined TS and felt at home with you nutcases Razz discussed it with one of my best friends in game and left sps mid raid with you guys for an invite!


- Karazhan Key (Y/N): Yes Yes Yes .. oh wait er.. Yeah got it...
- Tempest Keep Heroic Key (Y/N): yes (although I seem to have temporarily misplaced it)
- Coilfang Reservoir Heroic Key (Y/N):yes (a bit rusty but it's there!)
- Hellfire Citadel Heroic Key (Y/N):yes (Well I complained about blizzard's warrior treatment and they hung me face down in hell.. luck has it there was the key!)

Required Add-ons (do you have these installed and up to date? Please note these are mandatory for guild membership)

- CT_Raid OR oRA2 (say which): CT (I often have a CT scan cause the doctors keep questionning my mental health...)
- KTM OR Omen (say which): Omen (oh yeah Amen)
- Teamspeak RC2 (TS) (Y/N): Yes (Although it's kinda hard to understand with the full team speaking.. can't we call it solospeak?)
- Guild Event Manager (GEM) (Y/N): Yes (found this Gem of a program hard to get working.. ofcourse me as a warrior am gifted with intelligence had to be pointed out by some Doofus warlock that I oughta turn on loading out of date add-ons!)

About You

- Why do you want to join Distant Drums?: I love raiding! Nuff said!
- What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I'm a night elf thus I'm tall Razz

Good luck with your application
Why thank you but I'm already a member this is just a formality to introduce myself!
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Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED   Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED EmptyMon Dec 17, 2007 8:25 am

LOL Thanks Klappe.

This is a formality too then - application accepted.

Welcome to DD.
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Klappevanger 70 Warrior - ACCEPTED
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