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 General Guidelines: Read before Applying

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PostSubject: General Guidelines: Read before Applying   Tue Nov 27, 2007 4:57 pm


General requirements

At present, Distant Drums is a new guild. Our main aim is to create a fun environment where a bunch of friends can get together and enjoy their time spent in WoW.

That having been said, we are very much a raiding guild and we are recruiting to start end-game instance raiding as soon as possible. We are currently raiding (and clearing) Karazhan on a weekly basis and also moving into Zul'Aman. We will start 25 man raiding as soon as we can recruit enough members to make it possible.

We are attempting to create an guild which is very informal and friendly in general but takes raiding very seriously and demands a good level of commitment to end-game raiding.

Whether its Kara, Gruul, or beyond, we are up for the challenge, and if you are looking for a guild which simply requires you to be competent, committed and enjoy PvE raiding, we'd love to have you.

Specific Requirements

We expect certain things of applicants, these standards are in place to ensure that you will be capable of raiding at the level of the other members of the guild. We expect the same level of commitment from all members without exception.

That having been said, we treat each application individually so please feel free to contact any of our officers in game if you have any questions or wish to let us know anything prior to making an application.

* All players will be invited as a Trialist. The trial period is one month. This time is for you to 'check us out', and we will see what you're like as a gamer - whether you fit with us and if we are a guild you would like to be in. If we feel you are not compatible with our guild and/or its members, your trial can be ended prematurely at any point during the first month.

* Teamspeak RC2 (TS) is a required add-on, everyone must use it.

* For raids, you will be required bring your own consumables (potions, buff food, flasks, etc.). On some bosses it will be necessary to use all available buffs. Consistent failure to bring consumables to raids will result in expulsion from the guild.

* We currently run 16 raids per month (4 per week) and expect our members to attend at least 8 of these raids in every month.

* First aid 375 is a required skill for membership.

* You should have all the required in-game add-ons installed. Again, these are not optional. No applicants will be considered for raiding unless they have the required add-ons.

* We are only accepting players who have attained level 70, have all heroic instance key and have completed the Karazhan attunement quests.

* Raid Times - Our raids always begin at 20:00 server time. Raids finish at 00:00 server time, or earlier if the raid objectives have been met. All applicants are required to be able to raid for the full duration of these times.

Thank you.

Distant Drums GM
Felmet - 70 Lock 375 Tailor/Enchanter
Hanyewi - 70 Enh Shammie 375 Skinning/LW
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General Guidelines: Read before Applying
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